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DAILY LIFE IN CONSTANTINOPLE: Well, I've been living in Constantinople for 20 years and I love it! It is way more advanced than Western Europe and have a great history of trading. Though it has some of its downsides like poverty, a lot of people lived in poverty in the empire but our emperor is so great that he gives bread for the little they do to help our empire like sweeping the streets and weeding the garden.

RELIGION: In Constantinople our religion is very closely linked to our government, we believe that our government is the living representative of God. In Constantinople, religion unites us. If you didn't know, we have a great church, The Eastern Orthodox Church were we go praise our one and only Jesus Christ and go there for holy sacraments. Sadly, there was a separation in churches, before we were separated, the people of Constantinople were Catholics when we were divided, we were now Eastern Orthodox.

GOVERNMENT: Right now Justinian the first is reining over Constantinople. Actually, Justinian the first has a code that creates a systematic body of law that revised outdated and confusing laws. Also in Constantinople we copy almost every law from Rome. Actually the East and the West had a conflict from government. People didn't like the crowning of Charlemagne instead of Irene, a women that Pope Leo the third didn't crown because he didn't see her as a "strong leader".

GEOGRAPHY: Constantinople is usually remembered for trading, You know that phrase? All roads lead to Rome? Hahaha Constantinople's version is all routes lead to Constantinople. ( I know i'm stupid.) But a lot of routes lead to Constantinople for trading with people. We deal with a lot of people from different countries so we have to try really hard to communicate with people that don't speak our language. That's actually a good thing if you think about it on the bright side, you learn different words, languages, people, it AMAZING!

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