October Project

By Natasha Fuller.

Here is me and Jena Loch participating in the S.W.A.G group and me Natasha Fuller in this photo doing the melted ice cream mustache on the side with Jordan Nelson and had a great time with the S.W.A.G group in the gym.

Natasha Fuller and Jena Loch participating in S.W.A.G group in the gym we are tasting the different cheeses yum great cheese ever made.
Here I am standing next to the bridge on Suamico School Lane called Vicki Park it is located by Suamico Wow what a site
Here is me next to another bridge by the bar named Four Way and this is also located by Suamico its located on Suamico School Lane exit

Lacrosse Skill Option 11
Journal I did some running skills and got some excersise. 1point

Disc Golf Skill option 12
Journal I threw the green frisbe and learned new ways of how to use it. 1 point

VolleyBall Skill option 9
Journal Here is me showing you guys some disc golf and this whole time was a new experience. 1 point

Football Skill Option 10
Jornal this football will help you with you're football skill just have fun with this. 1 point

Tattoo by Jordan Sparks option 7
Journal here is me doing my dance and it is a great way of getting excersise

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