How have the prices of video games at GameStop change from 1999 to 2009?

It is hard to know how much of a change of knowing how have peoples fortunes fared in the past ten years? While researching I've saw that in different places from 1999 to 2009 they've changed. GameStop is divided into two operating segments: Video Game Brands and Technology Brands. The Technology Brands was created during the fourth quarter of 2013, and houses the company's Simply Mac, Spring Mobile, and Aio Wireless business. As of April 2009, the Technology Brands segment included 218 retail outlets. GameStop's Video Game Brands includes the company's other businesses such as video game and consumer electronics retail shops for example: Kongregate, a digital video game distribution, a consumer electronics marketplace. Pre-owned and value video games accounted for 47% of GameStop's gross revenue for the fiscal year ending February 2014.

What is the prices for GameStop from $20 to $70?

                                                      Here are the resources that I used                                     


$20 to $ 70.              Increase

( 70 - 20 / 20) = ( 50 / 20 ) x 100 = ?

? = $ 250

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