Dash on the Dot

a v+b for the world to see

I made this vlog+blog for the world to view on any topic yall wont please leave comments and let me know wat yall think please no negative comments

my first topic will be how to successful in life yup dats right im going to tell u how to be successful lol hear we goooo.!!!!!!>!!!!>!!!!!>>!>>!>........................................

ways on being successful

You can be successful in what ever you wont. You can be a actor, dancer, singer, lawyer, or even a grocery clerk. im not hoping that for you but im just saying you can be what ever you wont and be successful. I have two secrets on being successful. The first step is to be yourselves. Being your self is the most important thing in the world. The second and final step is to know how to work with a little effort and act like your care about your job.

Thank you so much for reading