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Walking into the hospital, Sarah was holding onto her dads hand. They stopped by a room, with the name plate, Emilia Denser. Sarah breathed in once and her dad opened the door, her mom was on the bed looking out the big window. She had tubes in her mouth and nose, she looked sicker than the last time Sara saw her. Sarah's mom noticed them and turned to face them, "Honey, you guys came." She said weakly. "Hi mom." Sarah said. "We thought it would be nice to visit you today since it was the weekend." Her dad said. "Sarah, come here. I haven't seen you in a while." Sarah's mom said. Sarah busted into tears, wiping them away with her hand. Her mother held onto her hand and looked into Sarah's grey orbs. "Sarah, honey. Believe in yourself during the hard times, I know you can do anything. You're strong, you can live on without me." she whispered out lowly. "Mom, what can I even do." Sarah wiped her tears. "I know that you have potential, you just have to do it." She smiled weakly. Sarah watched as her mother was struggling to breath. She smiled weakly and looked towards her family, Sarah and her husband. Then in a flash she was gone, Sarah shook her mom but there was no response. They only heard the long beep, her dad pulled her into his embrace, tightly holding her. "Sarah, it's alright. She's in a better place." Her dad said. "Dad, mom's really gone." Sarah cried out. "Let's get out of here, I don't want you to see to anymore." He said. He was still holding onto Sarah and pulled her out of the room, he only saw his wife's lifeless body on the bed and doctors surrounding her. They made there way to the waiting room and sat down. He got up and got himself some coffee, while Sarah sat there and cried. "Dad, can we just go home. I don't feel too good." Sarah said. "Let's go home, there's too much for you to take in." He said. They left the hospital and made there way into their car, they got in and drove home. Upon arriving home, Sarah could only think of her mother, how she saw her last breath and her eyes rolled backwards. Sarah closed her eyes and covered her ears. "Sarah, what's wrong honey?" Her dad asked. " I'm scared." She answered weakly. "It's okay, I'm here and nothing is going to get you." He said. "Dad, is mom never going to come back." Sarah said. "No, she's gone. You saw her leave to a better place like, grandma." Her dad said. Sarah was quite, she wanted her mom and grandma back. She lost her mother and grandma to cancer, they both died sadly. "Dad, am I going to die of cancer too?" Sarah said. "No, what are you talking about? You're going to be just fine, don't speak of that anymore. I don't want to hear anymore of this nonsense." He said. "But mom and grandma died from it and I think I will to one day." Sarah said. "It won't happen to you. Trust me." He said.

20 years later

The was a knock on the door, "Come in." Sarah said. The door opened and Sarah's father came throught the door with flowers. "hey honey, just want to check up on you." He said. "Hey dad, how's it been?" She asked. "Nothing much." He said. He placed the flowers in a vase and threw the old ones away. "I want to see the outside world, it's so dark and lonely in this hospital room." She said. " I know that, but you have to get better before you can go outside." He said. "Dad, I was right. Here I am, sitting here and slowly loosing myself to it." Sarah sighed. "No, you'll recover sooner or later." He said. "Dad, you gotta be kidding me. If mom and grandma didn't make it, what makes you think  I will." Sarah said. "I know you'll make it, promise me." He said. "But what I'd I don't make it?" She said. "I can't you loose you too, what it their to live for when I lost my family." He cried. "Dad, don't cry. I don't want to see you like this." Sarah grabbed her dads hand. "Maybe I will live to see the world outside again." She smiled weakly. But she knew it wouldn't be possible to see the outside world, she was getting weaker and weaker as the days passed by. Her dad ending up leaving because it was past visiting hours and she was tired.

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