TRENDING NEWS:  Monday, Feb 2nd 2015

All the SuperBowl Commercials that Mattered

The Nationwide Ad sparked immediate outrage and backlash online...but did it 'work'?

Advertisers may have spent a ton of money on these commercials but that doesn't mean you have to be exposed to the duds. Here are the Super Bowl ads that got people talking:


The best part about this ad was probably the part where a dog was walking a person.

The incredible story of how superglue saved one couple's marriage. And got everyone dancing.

Yes, this is the Nationwide commercial people are upset about.

Have you ever been sexually attracted to a car? You're not alone.

The Brady Bunch has never looked so good.

The great thing about spilling Coca Cola on your computer is that it will actually fix things.

This Nissan commercial that made us and all our dads cry.

Horses > Wolves

The "Breaking Bad" sequel we never thought we'd get.

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