The Seven Themes of
Catholic Social Teaching
By: Angelica Milkie

Life and Dignity of the Human Person

Always love others as yourself and respect others' right to life.

They believe and teach that God created everyone, and everyone has the right to life. They teach all sorts of people across the nation. They teach all ages about not only peoples' right to life but the rest of God's creation as well. They believe that God made everyone for a reason and to always respect God's creation.

Call to Family, Community, and Participation

Everyone in society should be treated equally.

They work to bring peace between all people of town, cities or neighborhoods. They believe in dignity and respect for all people and believe that everyone should be treated equally. Hundreds of people are involved in their campaign and they are sponsored by many well know organizations like UPMC.

Rights and Responsibilities.

Care for those around you and protect their rights

They work to protect the rights of all people no matter the race, gender, or ethnicity. They spread the word about protecting the rights of everyone and they follow the Equal Rights Amendment.

Options for the Poor and Vulnerable

Those who are wealthy should reach out and help those less fortunate.

They raise awareness about the poor in their community or anywhere in the world. They reach out to those who are rich and tell them to help the poor.

The Dignity of Work and Rights of Workers

Everyone who works should be treated and payed equally.

They teach people to repeat work rights of others. They believe that everyone is equal and has the right to be treated that way.


Love everyone around you as your brother and sister. Make peace between those around you.

Catholic Social Teachings teaches us to love everyone as a brother or sister regardless of what we look like or what we believe in.  They show us how to create peace between ourselves and those around us.

Care For God's Creation

Respect not only people but the rest of God's creation. We are responsible for caring for what God has made.

Catholic Social Teachings teaches us how to live our lives caring for everything God has made. This  includes people, nature, or anything else. They teach us to take responsibility for God's creation.