A great tool for teachers and students!

Tackk is a free tool that helps you create online webpages quickly and easily. The impressive pages are then published online instantly for you to share and promote. Tackk can be used as a learning platform, provide an overview of a unit of work, links to assessment tasks and/or promote events. It is also a great way for students to present their work in digital form. It can’t get any easier!

Tackk can be used in a variety of ways with all levels of students. Since teachers can include a variety of media it inherently appeals to different learning styles.

                                    Why Tackk Works in the Classroom

  • SIMPLE CREATION The easiest way for students and teachers to create + share pages on the web.
  • SPARK CREATIVITY Students tap into creativity using colors, fonts, _patterns, images, video, audio and more.
  • PRIVATE SETTINGS Privacy options including private content _and password protection.
  • EDMODO LOG IN Teachers and students can log in and share Tackks with Edmodo or Google+
  • COLLABORATION Use your computer, tablet or phone to collaborate visually with Tackk Stream.
  • IT'S FREE It's your favorite word, right? Create _and share for free, always.
  • Works in any web browser....all you need is Internet access.

Using Tackk in the Classroom

Tackk can be used in all learning areas and for a range of activities. It is a perfect tool to create a simple and easy to follow website.

Ways to Use Tackk in the Classroom

  • Lesson Planning
  • Persuasive writing projects, essays and more
  • Presentations to students/districts/teachers
  • Parent communication
  • Peer critiques/feedback
  • Student ePortfolios
  • "How to" or video tutorials
  • Research
  • School/class newsletters
  • School announcements

Its Easy to Use


Collaborate with your students and parents through the comment stream. The comment stream allows individuals can add items from pictures to videos and more.

Comment Stream