Folktales from Cetic

Gold Tree and Silver Tree: Fairy Tale. This book is a fairy tale because it has all the queens, kings princes, and princesses stuff. Also is story is by similar to Snow White and "Snow White" is a fairy tale so this story must be a fairy tale. Also the is a good person and an evil person in the story. So this story is a fairy tale.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Once there we two sisters the daughters of Persephone. Amara had blonde hair and was very beautiful. She had the power of controlling flowers. Merida had black hair light skin and red blood lips. She was in charge of grass. Merida had always hated Amara. She could never kill her sister though... But one day she asked her magic necklace, "Magic necklace am I the prettiest of them all"? The magic necklace said, "You are not the prettiest your sister Snow White is". Merida was so angry that she decided to get rid of Amara. Meanwhile, Amara had been using her powers to make sure flowers would never die not even in the winter. But when Amara went to sleep Merida sprinkled poison dust on Amara. The next morning the health god told Persephone that Amara had died. Amara never finished her spell to make flowers never die. So if Merida had never poisoned Amara flowers would never die.

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