Visit Canada!

John Karpinski

Thinking about coming to Canada? Is it the right fit for you? Lets find out!

Here in Canada our Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau runs our Constitutional Monarchy. For your comfort during your stay, we receive a great selection of imported goods from all over the world!

During your stay consider visiting our Parliament in Ottawa.

The First Nations people of Canada are settled in British Columbia and Ontario. You can learn more about their culture when you are your trip. We are a Diverse Multicultural country. Many of our French settlers are located in Quebec.

Throughout our country we have transportation corridors to get around our Transportation Barriers, for your ease of travel.

We have top class skiing in outside "Canadian Rockies" mountians.

While your on your stay here in beautiful Canada, don't forget to check out the seperatists committee. They were the ones who fought to leave "The Church Of England"

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