Part of our Spring Break Luck

By: Cindy Hayes


     It was the last day before school was out for spring break! Do you understand how hard it was for me to sit through all of my classes all day and still focus? I was about to go to the beach, Vermont (to go skiing), Boston, and of course, wherever our family's luck takes us. How could you expect me to focus?! The final bell rang and I was off to the beach! Well, let me rephrase that. I was off to a wedding at the beach and only 4 hours to enjoy on the beach.

Chapter one

    The minute we arrived, it was a disaster! They had given one of our hotel rooms away and they didn't see anymore rooms that were available. Then somehow (a miracle I guess), Joe, the guy working the front desk, exclaimed, "Oh! There seems to have been an accident and someone gave up their room! Would you like to have that one sir?"

    "Well, it depends on what kind of room it is." replied my dad.

    "It is a king suite and because someone took one of your rooms, I will be willing to give you the room with the two twins for free!"

    "That sounds great!"

    "Great! Here are your room keys for both rooms. Enjoy you stay!"

    My dad thanked Joe and we took all of our luggage up to our rooms quickly because we were going to be late to the wedding rehearsal if we didn't.

    My sisters and my mom all put on dresses and I had on a cute top and white jean shorts. Great! Now it's going to look weird because everyone else but my dad and I had a dress on. Why don't they tell me these things so I can somewhat match? Once everyone was ready, we drove (for what seemed like forever) to the house on the beach where the wedding would take place. We ended up being late because of all the traffic and when we walked in, everyone was already there and eating. "Isn't the dinner supposed to be after the rehearsal?" I asked my mom.

     "It is, but some people she needed here couldn't come until later and she didn't want to make everyone be starving at the end of the rehearsal."

     "Oh, okay!"

Chapter two

     "Can we PLEEEEAAAASE go to Donut Hole?" my sisters and I all begged in unison. My dad finally agreed and we pulled in through the drive-thru and got a box of a dozen doughnuts to take back to our hotel, and a doughnut for each of us at the moment. It took forever to get the doughnuts, but it was definitely worth it. Especially since it could serve as breakfast too.

chapter three

     Even if it's cold and windy, it is always great to be on the beach. We just got set up and are now relaxing for four hours because after this we have to go inside to get ready for the wedding. I moved my chair out from under the umbrella because the wind and clouds were making it feel much cooler. I was still cold out in the sun, so I grabbed my dad's towel because he wasn't using it and covered up with it to help block the wind.

     When I wake up my dad has fish and chips for me from The Back Porch. Food at last! We all ate our food and started gathering our things.

     As we got closer to the hotel,  my mom yelled at me from far behind saying, "You have first shower and hurry so you sisters can get showers too."

     "Yes ma'am!" I shouted back and quickened my pace as I headed for our room.

chapter four

     All of us were almost ready when my mom came over to our room and gave us all the stuff she could find for sunburn relief from the store. Both my sisters got badly sunburned because they both forgot to put sunscreen on. I didn't get sunburned because I lathered  some on and also because I covered up with a towel half the time.

     As our luck has it though, my mom had gotten one of my sister's dress a size too big! In a way I guess you could consider this a good thing though since it is not super tight on the sunburn.

     Since both my sisters got sunburned, I became the little doctor. Every morning and night I would put on all the lotions and Aloe Vera assortments that my mom had bought.

chapter five

    HONK! "Great! 5 o'clock traffic!" exclaimed my mom. We are on our way to the wedding and the traffic is horrible! I hope we aren't late. My mom picked up her phone and called someone she knew that was part of the wedding to ask how much longer we had. Whoever she called said that she was stuck in traffic but closer than we were and that when she got there she would tell them that we were close behind.

chapter six

    As we pulled into the driveway, we noticed that almost everyone was already there. We hurried inside hoping that we weren't too late, but to our relief, everyone was still running around trying to do last minute things.

    The music started playing and it was time to start. My mom sang first as the mothers were seated and then my two sisters started singing for the welcoming of all the bridesmaids and groomsmen. After that the flower girl came down and made a beautiful design on the walkway... well, as best she could because the wind was blowing and it made the pattern go a little sideways but it was still a very pretty design. When it was time for the bride to come down the aisle, everyone stood up and watched in awe as she came down the aisle in her amazing dress and sang a song to her husband.

chapter seven

     It was our last day at the beach before we headed to Vermont! We slept in for a while, but then we got up and started walking to the Back Porch to eat (it's on the beach) and then down to the beach to take pictures. None of us were really dressed that cute, but we still took them because my mom always wants pictures of all of us when we go on any and every vacation.

     We were almost to the beach when my mom realized she had not grabbed the big camera to take pictures with. My dad told my mom, "I'll go back and get it, you can all go ahead and get seats at the Back Porch for us since there might be a wait." So we headed to the Back Porch to get some seats and my dad started walking back to the hotel.  

     Once we finished eating we payed for the food and headed down to the beach. We took serious, crazy, and just plain weird pictures of our family. Someone that was walking by took a picture of all of us too, so we had a great assortment of family pictures for our trip to the beach during spring break this year! It was getting close to time for us to leave to start heading to Vermont, so we rinsed our feet of and started to head back to the hotel to pack up and leave.

      Here we come Vermont!

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