A Day in The Life of a Student in Thailand

Her name is Laddawadee Maroomdee (Noon). She is 12 years old and  she lives with her parents, sister, cousin, and grandmother in Bangkok.


Her dad wakes her and her sister up and they get ready for school.


Before they leave for school,they pray at a shrine in their living room. Then they get in their dad's truck and drive to school.


At lunch they eat kluay tiaow, which is noodles and rice, or gai tawt, which is fried chicken.


Her dad picks her and her sister up. At her house she takes another shower. Then she helps her grandmother take care of her baby cousin Je T'aime.


Sometimes on the way home from her work, her mom buys dinner from a street vendor. If she cooks, then Noon prepares the rice.


Before going to sleep, she prays that her family and friends will be safe and happy.

A Day in The Life of Me

I live with my mom, little brother, little sister, and my step dad.


I wake up and get ready for school.


School starts and I go to my first period.


I eat lunch. I usually have the all-a-cart line pizza.


School ends and I go home.


I usually eat dinner which includes meat, vegtables, and a bread. Then I watch TV.


I go to bed.

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