Declaration of Independence

                                      Unalienable rights and consent of the governed

What are unalienable rights?

An unalienable right is a natural right to everyone that can't be taken away.

Examples- religion, equality, and liberty. It can also be the littler things; marriage, you get to chose how you dress, you can also chose what you want to do for a living.


Our government needs this because it would be similar to how slaves are treated. slaves have absolutely no rights because they could not really choose their job or their marriage.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We the people are responsible for our unalienable rights. We control what we believe in, we control what we want to be when we grow up, and we control who we fall in love with.

What is consent of the governed

The consent of the governed means that a big part of the authority is focused on the people.

Examples- If the people don't like someone in office they can get rid of him or her


A just government would need this because if we didn't our country would be pretty close to a monarchy. In a monarchy the people have no control over who is in office

Principles of the declaration of independence

Some principles of the declaration of independence are true today, and some are out dated. An example of a principle that is true today would be the unalienable rights like; Equality, liberty, ect.


I feel that the unalienable rights matter the most because they are mainly based on freedom.