Lifestyle Essay:

There are many things you can do to keep yourself happy and healthy. There are also many more things you can do to ruin your body. All of these things start with a choice you make.


Alcohol has very bad effects on your body. It interferes with brain communications and it changes your behavior and mood in the long run. It has horrible consequences on your liver too, causing things like steatosis, alcoholic hepatitis, fibrosis, and cirrhosis. The different types of cancer it can cause are mouth, esophagus, throat, liver, and breast. In all, alcohol is horrible for you and if you are in environment when people are pressuring you to drink you need to make a good choice for your life and get out of it.


Smoking also has bad effects on your body. It can cause many diseases such as coronary heart disease and cardiovascular disease. Smoking is the #1 cause of death in the United States. It causes more than 480,000 deaths each year. 24% of high school students smoke tobacco products. Their environments are a huge factor in whether or not they want to or have the opportunity to smoke. For example, if you're around well behaved people who don't smoke, you have less of a chance of wanting to smoke as you would if you were surrounded by people who smoke and/or provide you with things to smoke.

Exercising and Eating

Exercising regularly and eating correctly will have very positive effects on your body. Getting out of that habit will most likely cause weight gain and unhealthy habits. It's easy to stay active, you don't even have to have a regular workout. Do simple things such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or taking a walk after work or in the morning. Also, many diseases and health conditions can be prevented by exercise. Exercise keeps your heart healthy and works your muscles so you burn excess calories that would mostly be turned into fat, and after while lead to obesity and/or weight problems.

Therefore, having healthy habits, staying in the right environments, and making the right lifestyle choices will lead to a happy healthy life, and it's not very hard. Not making these choices can lead to a very long unhealthy road which you do not want to go down. Make the right choices and you'll be healthy, and most importantly healthy.