Never Miss Cell Phone Alerts Again

It happens to everyone. In an effort to unplug, the cell phone is left in the bedroom while a fun movie marathon is watched on the television. A few hours later, when that phone is retrieved, it’s discovered a very important call or text was missing. Cell phone alerts that translate to television screens and computers take this worry away entirely.

How does it Work?

There are special programs that work in conjunction with smartphones to enable people to text message from computer setups and get cell phone alerts right on their television screens. That means they can play games, watch movies, and generally unwind without missing a beat. Those incoming alerts and messages can be set aside for later or acted upon immediately if they’re important. Essentially, they enable people to unplug without the extreme worry that can go along with doing so.

Who is it For?

Cell phone alerts that transcend devices can be important for just about anyone who needs to stay in touch with others. Programs that enable people to send a text message from computer setups or receive cell phone alerts on other devices can especially come in handy for:

  • Working adults – When there’s a need to stay abreast with what’s happening in the office, this type of cross-device functionality can be very helpful. Alerts can come in while users are watching TV or playing a game on their computer. If the alert is important, it can be acted on right away. This essentially enables adults to take a breather without having to keep their phone glued to their hands.
  • Parents – Having the ability to keep up with cell phone messages on other devices can be huge for parents who are juggling kids and their routines.
  • Kids – Cell phone alerts transmitted across a video game during play can be huge for kids who need reminders about other important activities, such as homework.

Cell phone alerts don’t have to be solely for cell phones anymore. When there’s a need to keep up, but keeping a phone handy isn’t desired, this option gets the job done with convenience.

About the Company

Moaxis is a leading provider of technology that enables people to get cell phone alerts and send and receive text messages from other devices. By providing alternatives to smartphones, Moaxis makes communication smarter.

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