The Heretical View of the Human Body

Against the Catholic Faith

Manichaeism is a religion founded by the Persian Mani that is known for having two eternal principles, good and evil, that are known through color to a whole. Manichaeism is a Dualist religion that divides the earth into intrinsically good and evil actions and principles. According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, the faith believes that the Earth and our bodies are not intrinsically evil, but instead are possessed by light and dark. They believed that salvation was brought through knowledge and reason rather than through faith and belief which Christians believe in. In its idea of the creation story, Adam curses God for creating his body and making his soul a slave to God. Also, it says that man is supposed to keep its body pure by going through self-denial and the purification process. When it comes to heaven and hell, even the best people need to go through a long Purgatory process before they make it to heaven. Sinners must wander in suffering, surrounded by demons, and condemned by angels until the end of time when they are then put into hell. The Church is against this heretical belief because Manichaeism believes that Christians are too mysterious and have no official knowledge of anything.This is also because Christians believe that our bodies are sacred because they are created in the image and likeness of God and our bodies are not cursed. We might not be perfect, but God still loves us and wants us to go to heaven so he does not immediately condemn us.

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