William Clark
By: mahli

William Clark was a Famous Missourian for going on the Lewis and Clark Expedition also, for going on the Louisiana Purchase. William Clark was born on August 1,1770. Also, he was born in Carolina Country Virginia. His parents name were John Clark 111 and Ann Rogers Clark. William Clark had 5 siblings. William Clark was home schooled. William Clark was in the Military. Also, he was Governor. He was renamed as governor three times before Missouri became a state in 1821. He accomplished by discovering the Louisiana Purchase. He also married Julia Hancock in 1808. He also married Julia Hancock's cousin. They got married in Washington D.C. He married Julia Hancock on January 5, 1808. He married Harriet Kennerly on November 28, 1821. He had 8 children he adapted Pomp and Listie. On September 1,1838 William Clark died. The place he died was at St. Louis Missouri. He died because he was to old he was 68 when he died. William Clark was remembered for going on the Lewis and Clark expedition. Also, for discovering the Louisiana Purchase.