Maria Nazhmeddinova Feb 5th 2014

In this project, I will survey 25 people 6 grade of above. I will ask them to estimate, the population of Russia. Then I will find the % that there estimates were off, and I will record the data. Later on, I will write a why I think the people estimates were off, and after that a conclusion about my project!

This is my data table :)

I was really impressed with my results, because more than half (60%) of the people got a good estimate. And Maxim, (who is Russian, and knows the population) got it perfect! I was surprised with Annika and Kendra (sorry is I point you guys out like that) because their estimates were so low, but I don't blame them, because they are not Russian and don't know many thinks about Russia. Other than that, other people's estimates met the 5% range, and were pretty accurate.


Over all, I think, I did a great job on my project. I was surprised by the results, and my conclusion, would be that people all have different guesses. I want to thank everyone who answered to my email, and let me interview them! I hoped you enjoyed my project!