Atmosphere- By: Madison Lane

Fact Number 1:

The atmospheres main gas is Nitrogen which makes up 78% of the atmosphere Oxygen is 21% of the atmosphere and all other gases is the other 1%.

Fact Number 2:

The atmosphere has four main layers which are the Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere. The Troposphere being the closest to the Earth.

Fact Number 3:

As you go higher in the Atmosphere the temperature would change like this, Colder, warm, Cold, Hot.

Fact Number 4:

The pressure decreases as you go higher in the atmosphere causing you to expand.

Fact Number 5:

Each layer has a different purpose. The first layer is the Troposphere, this is the layer where we live and were all weather occurs.

The next layer is the Stratosphere, This where the Ozone layer is located which is what absorbs the heat from the sun to protect us.

Fact Number 6:

Is the Next and Middle Layer is the Mesosphere, It protects us from meteors, when the meteors come through they disintegrate.

The last and outermost layer is the Thermosphere, This layer is the hottest and has the least amount of pressure. It is where the Northern lights/Auroras happen. This layer also has two layers within.

Fact Number 7:

Fact Number 8:

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