Franklin Roosevelt

Franklin Roosevelt uiwas a very different president from all the others. He was a strong leader publicly and as a chief. He was the main person who helped get the country out of the great depression and dust bowl.

Public speaking

According to william j thompson, Franklin always went on the radio to talk to the american people. He liked to let them know what is happening and let them know everything is okay. He even toured the country to meet them and ask if they needed any help.

New deal

When franklin got elected the first thing he dove into was the New Deal. According to robert c smith, people personally thought the new deal was only helping african Americans; and technically it was true. Franklin felt like other organizations were for the white and not them.

The americans

A lot of people followed Franklin because of his leadership and how genuine he is to communicate with the american people. However some people didn't like Roosevelt because of his ideas and some people thought he wasn't fit because of his health. Some people thought he was underclass and wasn't appropriate enough to be a president.


Roosevelt created programs even if people told him it wouldn't work. According to susan e hamen, He wanted to try anything he could for his country to improve even it wasn't worth it. Roosevelt was a person who did things that he wanted and didn't stop just because other people said he couldn't do it.

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