Inventions of the Industrial Revelution

A. Passino

Telephone 1876

Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone that help communication tremendously. You wouldn't have to  letters to talk to someone far away which takes a long time .  You could get help faster if you needed it. People can keep you in form with stuff.

Light bulb 1879

Thomas Edison invention of the light bulb gave safer and more efficient light. It changed everything form working longer to entertainment. It can also reduce crime rates. Don't have to worry about things catching on fire.

Oil Well 1859

Edwin Drake's Invention of the oil well helped getting large amounts of oil. Oil is a huge responsibility in life today. It is very faster, safe and efficient to get the oil with the oil well. This will also create more jobs for everyone.

Typewriter 1873

Christopher Sholes invention of the typewriter sped up the writing of things. The typewriter created more books and newspapers. The typewriter led to even more inventions. It saved the timed for most authors.

Gasoline Powered Automobile 1893

Frank and Charles Duryea invention of the gasoline powered automobile. Made travel a lot faster. It allowed transportation for goods and other resources. This created a lot of jobs for people. You could visit family or go on vacations.

Hand-Held Camera 1888

George Eastman Invention of the camera help much more past events. This can help us know what their lives are like. People can take pictures for memories and evidence. Even the camera could create jobs for people.

Dishwasher 1886

Josephine Cochrane Invention of the dishwasher made it better and faster to wash dishes. It would do better at washer that would help less illnesses. It can save time for doing more valuable things. This is also less use of water and soap.

Air Plane 1903

Wilbur and Orville Wright Invented the air plane. This will eventually make a better model of it. This will make travel much more faster and efficient across seas or just across the country. Can eventually changed the way wars were fought.

Automatic Lubricator 1872

Elijah McCoy Invention of the Automatic Lubricator would make make machines run smoother. This would make the the machines last longer and better. Machines would start rusting if you forgot to put lubricants on it, But with the automatic lubricator you don't need to remember.

Carbon Fulminated Light Bulbs 1882

Lewis Latimer's Fulminated light bulb didn't just make the the light bulb run longer. This made Edison create the first advertisement. This created companies get bigger and get more money. This made competition with Edison This why he started advertisement.

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