All about me!!!!
Esteban Jaurrieta

when my dad first introduced me to the Beatles I fell in love with the music. 

music I love to here to

my favorite place to go

my favorite place to go would be Ruidoso because on one beautiful morning I saw a bear and it was amazing.

Favorite car

A Bentley would be my favorite car because it is a classic and has so many features.

Favorite color

for me the color green would be my favorite color because to me it is so bright and happy

my favorite food

for me a hamburger is my favorite because it has so many flavors.

something I hate

I hate onions because when I taste one it is just to strong.

I put a happy face because I'm always happy and that represents a part of me.

I love animals

I put a picture of dogs I have always loved animals and that is a part of me

Things I like to do

one thing I like to do is when I go out of town is that I like to go fishing and when I am at home I enjoy hanging out with my brother.

what I enjoy watching

I enjoy watching basketball and football because I get to see it with the entire family.

Disney land

I enjoy going to Disney land because the family is there and everyone is having fun.

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