god of war

ares is the god of.....

war & battle,war booty,city defense,civil order,anger and violence,and courage and fear

the parents of ares are Hera and Zeus , his son's were phobs the god of fear,Deimos the god of terror , eros the god of love anteros the god of mutual love

his daughters were armonia goddess of harmony and alkippe

his sibblings were hebe the goddess of youth and hephaestus the Olympian god of Metallurgy

his symbols were a spear and a helmet

his animal symbols are....

  • the serpent ("drakon "in greek)
  • vulture ("gups"in greek)
  • woodpecker ("ipne" in greek)
  • barn owl( "aigolios"in greek)
  • eagle owl("buas" in greek)

fun facts

  • He was one of the 12 gods who resided on the summit of Mount Olympus
  • He fought with the other Olympian gods in a War against the giants
  • He killed the giant Echidnades, a fierce monster and enemy of the gods
  • He his throne on Mount Olympus was upholstered with human skin
  • he assisted the Trojan armies in their war against the greeks,but was wounded in an encounter with the hero diomedes and the goddess athena

he was caught in an invisible net by the god headphaistos while committing adultery with the gods wife Aphrodite

ares slew the Athenian youth Allirothios as punishment for the rape of his daughter alkippe,he was acquitted of murder by the 12 gods in the court of areopagos

Aphrodite: the secret mistress of ares
Eros,Aphrodite,and Ares