Slender... The one and only man that is immortal and that has tentacles that can be really deadly. Everyday he stalks people everywhere. Their is a 1980's  photo that is taken  

       As you can see a picture circles the appearance of  slender. If this may look like a photo shop or looks fake you may be wrong. Pretty much likely this picture was taken somewhere around the time when cameras were made. Anyways lets get to the point. This photographer wanted to take the picture of the kid  that was on the slide. But... when the photographer saw the strange man that was on his photo he asked someone else who he was but after the next day all of the kids on the picture were all gone. No one ever knew where the photographer went. it was a case that was never solved...

If you want to see some real sighting on tape go to marbel hornets videos on youtube or just type in Slender. Since Slender became so popular he was made on the game "Slender the arrival" Only some people have it but I also have the game as well.