Gun Control

The two sides of the gun debate show those who have lost because of guns, and those who use guns as a form of protection.

  • The 2nd Amendment in the US Constitution is the amendement that pertains to gun control.
  • Bailey v. U.S., - U.S. -

    In this case the Supremes look again at the drug crime
    sentencing enhancement provided when a suspect uses a gun in a drug offense. In
    this case they review the enhanced sentences of drug dealers who were caught
    with guns, and drugs at the same time, but the circumstances suggested they
    merely possessed the guns, and did not use them in any active sense of the verb.
    One had the gun in a closet at home, the other in his locked trunk while in his
    car. The court decides that some kind of active employment of the gun needs to
    be shown for the law to apply. Mere possession is not sufficient.
  • Republicans generally believe that gun control should be abolished because they want to know that their safety is in their own hands. Those who are against gun control strive for the sense of securtiy that a gun can insure in the proper hands.
  • Democrats are normally pro gun control because they believe that guns do more damage than good.

I am anti-gun control because I feel that everyone needs the right to protect themselves against a criminal, despite whether or not that criminal has a weapon. Not everyone should own a gun and there should be more strict regulations.

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