When Celebrity meets HIV

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The beginning

Sir Elton John knew the celebrity very early in his career, but he is part of the first worldwide generation known to be affected by the HIV. At the age of 39, after de death of his friends Freddie Mercury and Ryan White, he starts by singing songs (for example : That’s what friends are for) with other concerned artists (Dionne Warwick) and give all profits of the sells to associations fighting against the HIV.


But very enthusiastic by the tremendous advances in the fight against AIDS, and very conscious that enormous strides have been made in the development of effective HIV treatment and prevention options, he reconsider his engagement and decide that it wasn’t enough for him. And few years later he creates his own association (Elton John Aids Foundation) in 1992 in New York City and 1993 in London. The EJAF principal goal is to get money by receiving donations and give it back to scientists to encourage them continue their researches, but not only. Giving donations the EJAF also helps people already reached by HIV to have access to health care; to live longer and healthier lives.


Sir Elton John was very early concerned by the HIV problems (because of the death of his two friends and because he is a member of the gay community which is very concerned by HIV); but it is a worldwide problem and each of us must feel concerned by it; and that is why prevention is also very important for all of us.

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