Feb 24 Updates

Updates tend to happen A lot. An I mean A lot. I may continue to post what has been done on tackk's like this one. Hope this helps to inform some of what is going on when I'm not online in the server.

Yet another small grind!


  • KronicECC will now only show colors you have permissions for!
  • Added more Color Options to be added for future Donation Perks.
  • KronicECC pricing was corrected to $500 per color change.


  • KronicFeatherBoard performance updates!
  • KronicFeatherBoard missing classes will no longer cause issues.


  • KronicPCFilter was added to stop harassment and spam!
  • KronicPCFilter does not ban but will warn you for what you can not say in chat.
  • KronicPCFilter will help mods clean up the chat when actually needed.
  • Requested Additional features for KronicPCFilter, waiting on reply.


  • KronicGangs will now reward the player who leveled up there gang.
  • KronicGangs rewards can be set better this is just a small example.
  • KronicGangs can now allow more level ups. Should we add this Option?


  • KronicPvpTimer now supports Multi-Verse!


  • Ep: 50 may be the last Suggestion Box Video!
  • Planning a Hour Long Ep to go out with a Bam!
  • Possible Suggestion Box Reboot.


  • Feb 24 - 6am Backup was made.
  • Backup was sent to Cloud for storage.
  • Backup was downloaded from cloud to home external Hard Drive.
  • Only needed files are Kept to save space.


  • Thirst may get a Overhaul!
  • Thirst will give you blindness, slowness, warn of thirst and damage you.
  • This might make it to hardcore for some of you.
  • This was only tested not added to the server.


  • As you may have noticed some small changes on the site.
  • New banner and Contest was finally updated with the winner!
  • Stickers will be made in march for the Winner, Sorry for the long delay!


  • As you may have heard we have a new website!
  • Its still in Alpha stages but is a massive change to the current website!
  • If you want a sneak peak check here: www.kroniczombie.tk
  • The site will change and all data may get reset. Remember its Alpha.

This concludes the updates for now. Thanks for reading!

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Shwoop Shwoop!

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Awesome website

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What version is the server

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2 years ago

Zach I got banned for ads but all I did was put my skype to Bennett

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Can I get an Unban? cos i didn't really advertise