Let's share the love this February.
Grab a friend and join our Second National MOVchallenge!

Anyone with a MOVband that connects online can join. Here's how it works:

The Goal: Move 100 miles in 21 days (Monday, Feb 4 - Sunday, Feb 24) - that's approximately 11,500 moves per day.

The Prize: In honor of American Heart Month, we’ll be giving a Red Accessory Band to everyone that hits the 100 mile goal!

How to Join: Log in to your MOVband account. Click "Join Group" and enter the invite code NEWYOU. Don't worry, you can join anytime until the end of the day on February 24. All of your previous moves will count. Already part of the NEWYOU group from last month? Then you're all set...you don't need to do a thing other than get moving!

Once you're part of the group, you can get moving and we'll take care of the rest! We'll be communicating the winner at the end of the MOVchallenge. And don't forget to grab a friend to share the love!

Ready? Set? Go!