The Journey

Description: Hi, my name is Hayden  and I am apart of  The Raffle Castle. The Raffle Castle is opening a company  that sells raffle tickets for raffles that they host. The money from the  tickets goes to a website called kiva. Kiva is an organization that takes people's money and loans it out to people in need of a loan.

What's resonating with me?

I think getting comfortable with the new and unfamiliar of buisness is really resonating with me right now because The Raffle Castle had to go through lots of new and challenging challenges in our project to loan to Kiva. We've had to write a buisness plan for the company, make an intire buisness plan and make an order on Amazon. I think The Raffle Castle is a very successful company and I am looking forward to selling our tickets to the Town community.


I'm really proud of my kiva group, The Raffle Castle. I think this is an accomplishment because we are just a couple of kids that are running a buisness off of a 70$ loan. And I think it's an accomplishment that we have been successful in general. I think the Raffle Castle really had to work hard and overcome big challenges along the way. I think the raffle castle really has some good potential in becoming a really successful buisness.

What does it feel like to be a borrower?

I think being a lender feels like  you feel kind of needy that you are asking other people for money but then I feel completely different when we paid back because I felt successful because we got the money back because we made a successful buisness.


"Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground." By teddy Roosevelt.

Because for me, I wanted to do daring stuff all the time. But I needed to accomplish the things I needed to do before I did anything big.

What's resonating with me

I think comfort with the new and unfamiliar is resonating with me right now because I'm not really used to helping people that are half way around the world and it feels strange to not get any thanks but in another way it feels good because you shouldn't always expect to be a thanks for everything you do.