Feedback Is A Critical Part Of Recovery Efforts

Multiple studies have shown that people will spend more for great customer service. Additionally, many individuals will not even consider changing their loyalties to a company unless they have a poor experience, even if their other options have lower prices. Since customer loyalty is often key to the success of a business, it is essential that organizations of all types have an effective customer recovery program in place.

ServiceCheck is a leading customer experience management company, and it offers a variety of programs that enable businesses to retain dissatisfied customers and repair damaged relationships. CustomerLink is their 24/7/365 customer feedback and retention service, and it uses retention techniques that are effective across a range of industries. Whether entertainment patrons or quick service restaurant guests are seeking assistance, they can have their issues resolved and concerns documented through CustomerLink.

CustomerLink is successful because it focuses on collecting customer feedback. Entertainment guest feedback can be difficult to gather because fewer than 10 percent of guests will complain about a problem when it occurs. This leaves a business unaware of a problem needing resolution or the need for retention efforts. Thanks to providing a variety of contact options, including a live agent call center, guests can reach out to a business in a way that is convenient for them via CustomerLink.

QSR guest recovery also faces similar challenges. When diners leave without letting a manager know about a poor experience, the problem may go unaddressed. Having company representatives available to listen to and respond to guest concerns is often all that is needed to repair a damaged relationship, sometimes improving it in the long run. Many people will continue to do business with a company, even if they have had an issue, when they know they are valued, and CustomerLink enables businesses to accomplish this goal.

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