Formative Assessment & Feedback Tools

Today's Meet

Today's Meet is a website that will allow you to create a collaborative backchannel in your classroom or meeting. Today's Meet is free and no account is required. Your backchannel can live for one hour to one year.

A backchannel will allow participants to collaborate alongside a discussion without disrupting a presentation. Today's Meet works in the web browser of any computer, tablet or smartphone. New features  give the room owner much more control of content and access to the discussion.


Socrative is a free online student response system. This tool provides real-time formative assessement for your classroom. While you are teaching, you can ask a multiple choice, true/false, or short answer question and receive feedback from every student.

The Socrative quizzes feature will allow you to create online, self-grading quizzes. Quizzes can include both multiple choice and short answer questions. You can also use the Exit Ticket feature to check for student understanding at the end of a class period.

Socrative can be accessed at There are also apps available for both Android and iOS devices. This link will take you to a document with over 1,000 shared Socrative quizzes: Here is another link that will take you to another list of over 1,000 Socrative quizes:


Kahoot is a game based student response system. This is an easy to use formative assessment tool that is very engaging and fun for both teachers and students.

With Kahoot, you can search for shared quizzes or create your own. Creating quizzes is very easy and quizzes can include both pictures and video. You can create Kahoot quizzes at


This formative assessment tool will allow you to create multiple choice, short answer and draw response questions for your students. Teachers can see live results and provide immediate feedback to students.


Flubaroo is a Google Sheets Add-On that will allow you to quickly grade multiple choice or fill in the blank assignments created in Google Forms. In addition, Flubaroo gives you statistics, graphs, and allows you to provide individualized feedback to your students.          


Plickers is an easy to use tool to collect real-time feedback when students do not have devices. All you need is a smartphone, a computer and a set of Plicker cards and you are ready to go!

Answer Garden

Answer Garden is a simple and powerful tool to quickly gather feedback from a  group. Simply pose a question and the class posts responses. Answers are depicted in a word cloud that can be exported to Wordle or Tagxedo.


GoSoapBox is a web based tool with a confusion barometer. Students can use anything from a smartphone to a computer to and all they need is the event code. Students can anonymously express confusion on a topic with no pressure or fear.


Quizizz has a look and feel similar to Kahoot, but this tool will allow teachers to assign student paced quizzes using random question order. Pull questions from thousands of quizzes that other teachers have created or create your own questions. Quizizz can even be used to create a homework assignment.


Quizalize is another game based response system like Kahoot and Quizizz. You have the option of creating multiple choice questions or, if you only include one answer choice, students will have to unscramble the letters to get the correct answer. If you are using Google Classroom your classes will be automatically imported when you set up your account. Teachers can create quizzes from scratch or search for quizzes created by others and edit as needed.


With Zaption you can create engaging lessons by turning online videos into interactive learning experinces. Create questions that appear during the video. Students must answer the question to continue watching. You can download a CSV file with lesson analytics or just view an lesson analytics overview on the site.

Playposit - formerly Educanon

PlayPosit is an online learning environment to create and share interactive video lessons. Teachers begin with any YouTube, Vimeo, or TeacherTube video content  and transform what is traditionally passive content into an active experience for students. By time-linking activities that students engage with as the video progresses the content is segmented into digestible components - increasing student engagement and, through our real-time monitoring, informing the next day’s lesson planning.


Annotate just about any public accessible video file or YouTube video with this web based tool. Multiple users can annotate and comment simultaneously. Users can easily create an account and log in with Google.

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