Business Cards

Good #1

This card is really creative to me, because it a fishing business and they used an actual fish or whale.

Good #2

This card is very well organized & really creative because for you to be able to see the information you have to peel that little piece off. And to add that little pop of color is very fun.

Good #3

This card I really like because it is very professional and organized. It is simple but sophisticated.

Bad #1

This is really funny to me, it looks very unprofessional, its a rock with blue sharpie written on it.

Bad #2

This is the probably one of the worst cards i've ever seen, it is very simple and ugly. There is no point in what this card is for.

Bad #3

This card is very plane and boring if the rocks weren't on top of them its basically just a white business card with black lettering