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Aztec Creation Myth

                                               By:Zach L,Becky B, Ahdache P

Photo Analysis Predictions

2.The God is using a serpent
3.Dynamic pose
4.Fire and the color red
There is  this God that is very angry and he has come down to beat a human showing that he is powerful and also showing that he wants revenge


Summary: There are four main gods in this myth. Huitzlilopoctli,Tezacatlipoca, Coyolxauhqui, and Quetzalcoatl.

The gods Huitzlilopoctli and Tezacatilpoca made humanity through sacrificing a god and taking his blood and dropping it on a pile of bones creating the first female and male.These four gods then proceed to create water, and other gods created a huge sea monster whose name is Cipactli.

These four gods continue to make things and they sea monster says “hey these creations look pretty tasty so im going to eat them”.

The gods then declare their wrath my killing this monster and her head becomes the heavens, her body becomes the earth and her tail becomes the underworld. After this a sun was made through godly sacrifice.

This sun failed and 4 more were created and cycled through godly sacrifice. The fourth sun failed and a fifth was created, but the god Coyolxauqui got jealous and declared rebellion among her siblings.

Her brother Huitzlilpoctli arose in full battle gear and defeated her, throwing her head into the sky.

Angry that he had to compete with another “sun”, a god Tecciztecatl followed this sun and the other gods got angry so they threw rabbits at him, creating the moon.

The gods knew the two would not cycle without sacrifice, this is why humans of this culture sacrifice themselves to the gods.

Image Analysis after Reading

1.The God is good and bad “this God was good and bad, chaos and order, male and female”.

2.God being the color green.

3.Beating his sister

4. Fire and rage

5. Warm c


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