Baby Kaely: Amazing Young Rapper!

Hey Peeps! I apologize I haven't posted a Tackk in a while. I'm been very busy with school, homework, studying, etc. And plus end of grade testing is coming up in June! But anyways, this Tackk will be about a young star on Youtube. Her name is Kaely, but her rapper name is Baby Kaely. She has over 400,000 subscribers and she is an amazing rapper. Her first video was her dancing in her pajamas. I thought it was so adorable. But her second video she did her first song called Bubblegum. She mostly has songs on her channel, but recently she started filming sneaker reviews. She is obsessed with sneakers and she even made a song about it so check it out.  It's when she shows you a shoe and points out the details of it. And another thing she started recently was a series called "Day In Life of Baby Kaely", which is basically her vlogging. She is 10 years old. She is that kind of girl who would always play with the boys and race with them. She is very active. She likes to ride her bike and her skateboard and stuff. And she has really long, thick curly hair. And on the left side of her head, it is always shaved in a heart, or star, or something else. I hope you guys liked this Tackk and make you check her out in YouTube and subscribe to her. And she does have an Instagram, Facebook, and a Twitter. Her Instagram is itsmebabykaely. I can't remember her Facebook or Twitter, (you can find that in the description box in one of her videos).

So Keep Calm and Go Infinity and Beyond!