Mobile Learning Options

What is this? is an app and website that gives both students and teachers access to a full dictionary and thesaurus.

How can it be used? can be used during class to explain and find proper spelling and use of words. Students can use this app when writing papers or doing projects to spell and use words properly.


What is it? Flashcards*is an app available on iTunes that allows students to create flashcards.

How can it be used? Flashcards* can be use by students to create easy to use and read digital flashcards to aid in studying. In addition, the app has pre-made flashcards for a number of different study areas if students do not wish to create their own.

2013 World Factbook

What is it? World Factbook is a app with information on over 250 countries and locations.

How can it be used? World Factbook can be used by a number of diiferent people. Created by the CIA, World Factbook allows students with easy access to information that is up to date on over 250 countries and locations. This can be used to supplemet research and for study material.


What is it? TED is a website and app that allows students access to academic talks.

How can it be used? TED can be used in a number of different ways. Teachers can use TED to supplement lectures and lessons with relevant talks. In addition, students can gain more insight and research into a selected topic by using this website/app.


What is it? An organization app, myHomework which allows students to organize any upcoming school work.

How can it be used? myHomework can be used by students to efficiently organize their schoolwork deadlines and dates for tests and quizzes to ensure they are completed and prepared. The app notifies the student as a reminder of any work/studying they need to complete.

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