How To:

make a felt appliquéd onesie

an easy, hand-made, gift any mom will adore!

this project is fun and easy for the crafter of any age! the felt is inexpensive and can be bought at any craft store and the designs you can make are only limited by your own creativity!


  • fabric pen
  • white "onesie"
  • needle & thread
  • scissors
  • straight pins
  • felt pieces of various colors ($0.50 each)


1. Print and cut or use a Cricut(TM) to cut out desired shapes. Here I use the Create a Critter(TM) Cricut cartridge to cut out a koala bear, seal, worm, and octopus as my patterns. You can also print simple clip art found online and cut it out yourself (how I did the lobster design below).

2. Trace the shape onto the desired color felt. Use the fabric pen to trace the outline of the animal on the main color felt. Then trace and cut out the eyes, ears, belly, etc. on other colored felt.

3. Hand sew accent pieces on to the appliqué base. Use a simple straight stitch of equal length for a "vintage" look. The thread does not have to be the same color as the felt! Use your imagination!

4. Sew the finished appliqué onto the onesie. Use the stright pins to attach the applique to the onesie. Again, use a simple straight stitch to sew on the applique. Make sure you only sew through the front of the onesie!

5. You're done! I always pre-wash and dry the onesies to prevent shrinking. These are kid tested and mom approved! Use your creativity for fun and silly designs! And always - HAVE FUN!

Have a specific design you want? Message me!

Sooo...maybe you're not so crafty, or you just don't have the time. Totally cool. Still want one? Buy an appliquéd onesie here!