Feminism Defined

The belief of the equality of the sexes in the political, social, and economic aspects.


In small pre-historic communities, women were seen as equal to men, but once these communities evolved into complex societies, men were given certain jobs while women had  different set of specific jobs. Later on, feminists writers published work about the lack of education opportunities for women and after a few centuries, feminism became a definite concept and movement. Nationally, women fought for suffrage decades before they would receive and movements occurred where feminists voiced the idea of women being able to choose without being rejected because of their gender.  

The controversy of Feminism

Some people argue that that society needs gender equality, especially for women while some argue if women were meant to be equal to men and if gender inequality like the gender wage gap really exist.


Pro-Feminism: Women are equal to men and should have the same respect and opportunities as men. Gender double standards should be eliminated. Women are allowed to have options and choices that are not limited because of their gender.

Anti-Feminism: Women should stick to their natural,biological gender roles and focus on being maternal while only aspiring to marriage and having a family, essentially having the only job of repopulating the planet and do not require other ammentities such as self-expression and education. Feminism is biased and should not be taken seriously.

My Position

I am pro-feminism and consider myself to be a feminist. As a woman I believe that I have the right to do the same things as my male companions as well as be equally respected.

How feminism affects Society

The video above serves as an example for one of the many reasons why society needs feminism. Feminism allows women to serve society just as well as a man can. It allows for equal opportunity; a woman can do anything even if it's deemed "A boy's thing" and a man can do anything even if it it deemed "a girl's thing". People will not be prohibited from things just because of their gender.

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