How to Get Rid of Cataract?

Cataract is clouding of the eye lens, which impairs the vision. However, it advances at such a slow pace that many even don’t see it coming. Through regular preventive eye check-ups, however, one can catch the Cataract at an early stage. And if it is detected early, eye specialists can arrest the further damage to the eye lens, and improve eye vision.

A cataract or Femto laser cataract surgery is recommended if the affected person is finding it hard to lead his/her normal life and perform activities like reading and driving especially at night.

Under a cataract or Femto cataract surgery, the eye surgeon removes the damaged/clouded eye lens and replaces the same with a new, artificial lens. The new lens is placed at the same location where the real lens was placed at. Once put there, it becomes a permanent part of the eye.

Femto laser cataract or Femto bladeless cataract treatment is a modern day surgical treatment for those suffering from cataracts. The treatment is assisted with the laser which ensures precise treatment with least possible complications. If the surgery needs to be performed on both the eyes, the doctor can schedule the surgery for the second eye after a wait period of one or two months.

Cataract surgery is generally safe in nature; however, it does carry risks of infection and bleeding. The procedure is done on an outpatient basis, which means the patient doesn’t need to stay in the hospital post-surgery. He/she can go to the home right away after the surgery.

When to consider a cataract or Femto bladeless cataract treatment?

Speak to an eye specialist as to whether you need a Femto bladeless cataract treatment. He/she is more likely to suggest you a surgery if the cataracts are making it hard for you to discharge your daily life activities such as reading a newspaper or driving at night.

It’s totally up to you and the doctor as to when you should undergo a Femto bladeless cataract treatment. As such there should be no rush for the surgical procedure as cataracts don’t harm your eyes if you delay the treatment. This means you can take your time to make up your mind for the cataract surgery or seek second opinion.

If you decide not to go for the surgery, your eye doctor may ask you for periodic follow-ups to monitor the progress of your cataracts. The frequency of follow-ups may vary depending upon the stage of the cataracts and level of care needed.

A Femto bladeless cataract treatment is generally a safe and effective surgical procedure for the cataracts. Make sure you choose a well-reputed eye hospital and doctor for the surgery. For more on Femto laser cataract surgery, please read our other articles.