How Are Diseases Created?

Nowadays, diseases are worrying people a lot. AIDS, Ebola and many more kinds of diseases. Though, did you ever wonder  why this is caused?

Ebola virus is one of the biggest types of disease in the modern world right now. So, why is Ebola with us even though we did not create Ebola? The first animal to have it was the bats. The bats are very famous for keeping virus, and one of their virus was Ebola. Due to scientific research, we know that bats have a lot of what we have in our bodies. When the virus can find the same part of when they first spread, the virus will enter the body of that animal.

Diarrhea has two types, one that lasts long and one that doesn't last for a week. The short one is called the Acute diarrhea. The long lasting diarrhea is called the chronic diarrhea. Some recent research also tells that it chronic

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