My Sessions @ 2015 BT Conference

Is it 3 o'clock yet?

All about knowing your students!

Dropping Sticky notes on desk about good/bad choices

Inspirational (That was awesome! or I believe in you!) vs Torture (Why did you come to school, you aren't going to do anything? or This is easy!)

Parent Survival Tips

Medical needs in one Spreadsheet - can leave for subs

GIVE any information on 1st day of school!!!  Put signatures on separate sheet so students can keep the rules.

Ask for 3 comments on progress reports BUT if you do be prepared to be surprised, criticized, and laugh!

Website, Remind101App - Keep students/parents updated


Parent/Student/Teacher Action Plan

Flipped Classroom

Use personal videos to catch students up on skills they have "forgotten" - Skill sheet on every skill.

Student Centered Learning

Gallery Walks

4 corners

Collaborative Posters

"2 cents" - Discussion Groups - Each student gets 2 cents and they turn in a "cent" when they put in there discussion piece.

Comment Stream