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We noticed during the last period frequent questions readers of the magazine and Mtabaaha on the social networking pages of both sexes on the reasons for increasing the sudden weight or unjustified, and it was difficult to explain the matter in just a response in a comment so has written the subject to clarify the matter in detail and simple to understand everyone to answer his questions. Initially can say for sure that the excess calories the body is not the only or main reason for the increase in body weight, but one of the most important reasons, where failure to follow the rich healthy diet especially balanced fried foods and eating large amounts of food without evaluation and a lot of sweets and a lot of soft drinks and drinks that contain a lot of sugar and lack of traffic to increase sudden weight, but there are also many reasons that lead to the emergence of the same problem, even though there is a lifestyle change, which must be collected between diet and health and exercise or hyperactivity in general, and which may be mentioned the most important and the most common in the following points:1. Lack of sleep or lack of comfort.It may be strange for some of those who believe that the more traffic increased fatigue the lower the chances of weight gain and this is a mistake, as recent studies have shown that the body that takes the adequacy of comfort is running fine, while the body, which did not take the adequacy of convenience store fat even further. As proved by recent studies that when the body feels tired difficult for him to deal with stress compared with someone else taking enough sleep and rest. To this matter specialists stressed on the need on a daily basis and for a period of not less than 8 hours taking enough sleep.2. The use of some drugs and medicines.Some drugs used to treat migraine headaches, convulsions, epilepsy and heartburn drugs and various psychiatric drugs and treatment of heartburn and high blood pressure and mood disorder and diabetes help to increase the weight equivalent to 4 kg per month. On the other hand contributes Eortizon treatment and abuse of oral contraceptives to increase the weight gradually so that the weight increase at a rate of 2 kg per month without changes in lifestyle. Note that with each drug in the way overweight, there are drugs work to increase fat storage and other leading boil increased appetite and other drugs are changing the ratio of insulin in the blood with different side effects depending on the drugs and the person her abuser. It can overcome all the side effects of these medications by following a healthy diet and exercise. For further scan sections: diet, slimming exercises.3. anxiety and tension.It is well known that the nature of life now requires a lot of work and little mistakes, and that's what makes us nervous and anxious all the time, without taking into account the fact that anxiety and stress negatively affect the emotions and moods of people, which slows metabolism and energy storage in addition to the secretion of a number of chemicals that stimulate the body to gain weight Kalptin and cortisone and other hormones.We mentioned before in an article entitled: Foods that improve mood and the mood there are a number of foods and foods that help to secrete serotonin, which help calm the nerves and anti-stress, and among the most important carbohydrates and foods rich in carbohydrates, and all these foods lead to the D the body a lot of calories and thus gain weight.4. satisfactory reason.There are some pathological reasons that lead to reducing the proportion of metabolism leading to weight gain, and most important of these reasons for the lack of the hormone Ierwid, so it is advisable if you feel tired and cooler permanent desire to sleep and hoarseness that accelerated to a doctor in order to reveal the thyroid case it is one of the most the causes of weight gain for patients Naij reason, while there are other reasons, such as Cushing's syndrome but is less widespread and common.5. menopause.In the period of menopause for women known to reach menopause slows metabolism and increases a sense of women's depression and lack of sleep in addition to the changes in hormones in women Jim leads to the body urged to weight gain. Where at least estrogen which leads to increase storage grease the body, especially in the abdominal area. Herein lies the need to exercise regularly not only to lose weight and tight body, but to strengthen bones that are affected in this age when women, in addition to a healthy diet rich in vitamin D and calcium.

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