by lauren neman

History Behind It

Both of the World Trade Centers were designed and constructed by David Rockafeller. Rockefeller believed that the trade center, which would include office and hotel space, an exhibit hall, a securities and exchange center and numerous shops, would be just the thing to stimulate economic growth in the New York area. It was built on August 5, 1996. The World Trade Center was attacked on 9/11 when hijacked American planes crashed into each building. Both building fell to ruins and were destroyed. The attack killed many Americans and left families and friends devestated.

Dementions of the South Tower

Dimensions of South Tower

Mathamatical Process to Find Surface Area


The firs picture is a picture during the attacks. There was an explosion and many people were literally running for their lives trying to escape. The second picture is a picture after the attack when the building had completely collapsed. 9/11 marks the aniversary of this attack and americans still continue to mourn for their lost loved ones. For more information, click the link below.

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