Click it or ticket

Where your seat belt 

Wearing your seat belt can prevent many injuries in car accidents.  

Wearing your seat belt is just as important as anything else. There is no reason not to use them. They are not hard to put on or anything so you do not have an excuse why you were not wearing it. Seat belts keep you in your seat and keep you from flying through the windshield. Police around the country have been stepping up on enforcing seat belt violators. You may get a ticket or a warning if you do not have your seat belt on.

From 2004-2008 seat belts saved 75,000 lives. The 31 states the have seat belt laws have a higher average of seat belt users than the states that don't. Nationally 88% of people wear there seat belts, which is better than in 1998 when the national average was only 69%. Seat belt usage is the lowest among younger drivers and drivers at night. So wear your seat belt it might save your life.

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