What we know... What we need to  know

Before you begin you will need to make your foldable book to take notes :)  

How might this tool be used in your classrooms to engage and excite students in note-taking?

Use your foldable to take notes!

We are all here because we are on the SRT team. Do we know what that means? How do we create a system that honors our state and district mandates to ensure that ALL children are learning?

*Today we will explore what is SRBI and what is our role as a SRT team.

*Today we will work collaboratively to make sure that the system that we create will work to give the students and teachers the support that they need.

You have 10 minutes to create a non-linguistic representation of the SRBI process as you have come to understand it. BE CREATIVE!

What ideas do you have? Suggestions?