In Search For My First Car - a Ferrari F40

Well, I am looking for my first ever buy by myself a car that not a gift from my parents, my girlfriend or my daddy. I want a F40. I think this is a cool one, an awesome product from well known manufacturer. Once upon a time AXL and Xona told me this car is sporty & classic.

What do you think about it? Isn't it awesome gust?

I hope I can get it soon, can't wait to finish my code for apps currently working on, it will be my first ever purchased car by myself without any help from everyone outside my own body including Barbara and Adel.

Maybe I can park it near my food stall in the town, or take it to f6s street and play with neighbor there. Play soccer or softball make me always remember when I was kids.

I was confused when getting an 8track at Europe. Thanks for the pastor who always quote card a powerful sentence from the bible. It enlighten me.

He gave me instruction about life a guide to made me like today. I rarely debate him, since I don't like debate for tons, I just agree to make it simple, except it need me to do something after that blind agreement.

Okay back to talking about the Ferarri, I want it in red. Since it the most famous color for that car, maybe I will upgrade the seat to leather add some slides here and there. Upgrade the audio and interior at garuda, you should check their place, here.

I spend couple days skimming ads on the net, at craiglist or ebay motor and also visit some dealership. Waiting my icann account to get approved by authority. Maybe need to visit my bigpocket friend too, I think it is better idea rather than spending tons of time at imgur.