I had a pleasant surprise with this course. Even though I was not able to be present at most of the live sessions, I felt that I have learned so much. I have learned about digital tools that I can implement in my teaching to make the students more engaged and more involved with their own learning process. I have also learned that the sense of community is so important for students to learn from each other and to feel comfortable showing their strengths and weaknesses. I have also learned from Michelle Pacansky-Brock, how important it is for me to demonstrate to my students how enthusiastic and passionate I am for the subject I am teaching.

Michelle is extremely knowledgeable in on-line pedagody and a very efficient facilitator. Her enthusiasm about teaching is very encouraging and helps attract the interest of the students. The course is very well-structured and organized. Michelle's use of the digital tools really makes learning more interactive and fun. Being a student in this course made me feel how probably my students will feel if I start implementing these tools.

In the beginning I was a little intimidated by the number of weekly activities; however, now I understand that this hands-on approach is the only way we can become active and engaged in our own learning process. I feel better equipped now to facilitate an interactive, engaging, and more fruitful learning for my students.

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2 years ago

These are fabulous reflections! I love when instructors sit in the seat of a student and identify with how it feels to be an online learner. This will increase your empathy! :) I'm going to go brush my teeth now! 😄