By:Jackson B

Why they are good pets

Ferrets are good pets because they are like a puppy that stays like a puppy forever. Ferrets can be let out of there of their cages. Ferrets are not nocturnal so they are awake when you are awake. They don’t need real food. Ferrets can be walked outside on a harness and leash. Ferrets also rarely make a sound, the only reason they would make a sound is if they are hurt or cold.


Ferrets will need a two story cage with a metal bottom and plastic ramps. They need to bowls one for food and the other for water. The bowls will need to be heavy so your ferret cannot tip them over. They will also need a special water bottle that you can buy at your pet store. They will need a hammock some blankets to make there cage comfortable they will also need toys so they don’t get bored.

Check ups

Your ferret will need to go to the vet yearly for vaccinations and canine distemper you can also take your ferret to be neutered, have their anal glands removed an anal gland is something that makes a ferret stink so if you get them removed they don’t stink any more. But most ferrets come de-scented and neutered.


Your ferrets cage will need to be cleaned weekly and have all of their blankets and bed be put in the washing machine. If you litter box train your ferret its litter box will need to be cleaned every other day


If you decide to walk your ferret, you will need a ferret harness and a leash. If your ferret gets wet during the walk you need to dry it of when you get home. Try to always walk your ferret on a path because they get confused in open fields.


Your ferret will need a long tube that it can fit through. They also like cat toys. But its favorite toy is you. The rest of the toys will be at your closest pet store.


Ferrets cannot have candy or chocolate because it can give them tooth problems. You should give them a piece of boiled egg a dried cranberry a piece of banana or a piece of apple with no skin.

Bite or nip

Ferrets do bite and nip but not on purpose. The only reason they nip is because they think there playing. If they bite they are most likely hurt or frightened. You can train ferrets not to nip or bite by saying “no’ and tapping them on the nose.


There is many myths about ferrets. One is that they eat fingers that is a really big lie. Another myth is that that they are rodents they are in the family with otters, pine martins, pole cats and skunks.