Winter Wheat
(Triticum Aestivum)

How will we plant and harvest

Planting: You use a grain drill to plant wheat for harvest 6-8 weeks before the first frost.

Harvest: When harvesting wheat you use a combine with a flex head, you harvest when the wheat is mature and a golden brown color as shown in the picture above.

Best time to plant is September 1-21this allows it to sprout and then lay dormant during the winter months and as the temperature increases the plant comes out of dormancy.

In Missouri we plant the wheat in September but in other states you plant it between the first of September and the middle of October.

Depth and Space

Plant seed 3/4 inches deep and space them 3-6 inches apart. This is why you use and grain dill it will allow the wheat seed to be planted at the right depth and space apart.

Pests and Nutrients

Some pests that effect wheat are aphids and wheat curl mites.

Two nutrients that wheat needs the most are nitrogen and phosphate.