"My Rocking Summer"

This had to be the best summer yet!

My favorite quote:

Abraham Lincoln- " Its better to remain silent and be thought a fool, then to speak and remove all doubt.'

I love school but this was a pretty cool summer!;)

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Went to see the one direction concert this summer it was sooo fun!

This summer me and my brother stayed at home all day, so we played games and it was actually fun. On the weekends my family and I would go see a movie or stay at home and play games. We got a new wii this summer so it was really fun to play with my family. So i guess this summer i got to know my family even better.

This summer my favorite place to hang out was my kitchen. I liked being in my kitchen  because me and my mom would brain storm different recipes and then cook them it was fun!

My favorite song this summer was Ariana Grande problem.

My favorite person to see was my mom

My Favorite movie this summer was Into the storm. My favorite moment this summer was when my friend Ansley who just graduated high school we went shopping and saw Guardins of the Galaxy.

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My favorite place to hang out was the Parks Mall!

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