Amber Fafard and Angie Johns

• Deception is the misleading of someone by using false appearances or words.

• Characters in the play use deception to get what they want from others.

• Although not all characters in the play have the same motives for their deception, everyone uses it to their advantage.

• Deception is a major theme in the play and plays a big role in the story


• Viola was in a ship wreck where she was separated from her twin brother Sebastian

• Washes up on the shores of Illyria and decides to make a new way of life dressed as a man names Cesario

• Viola lands a job as Duke Orsino's page, but had to deceive him in doing so

• Unknowingly makes Olivia fall in love with her while trying to get Olivia to love Orsino

• Viola is the biggest deceiver of all the characters because she makes everyone in the play believe that she actually is a man

• Viola's motives are not evil for deceiving, she just wanted to be able to live a normal life again no matter what sacrifices she had to take.

                                           Duke Orsino

• Duke Orsino is a powerful noblemen of Illyria

• Orsino is clear sighted because he knows who he is as person and knows who he wants to be with

Orsino tries his hardest to get the Countess Olivia to fall in love with him, but she is actually in love with his servant "Cesario" who is really Viola

• Orsino wants to be with Olivia so much that he decieves himself

• He wants what he knows he can't have


  • Clear sighted
  • Olivia is a countess of Illyria
  • She is clear sighted due to the devotion of her character and her social class she also knows exactly what she wants
  • Her motive is to be with Cesario although she is in false belief about who he is


  • Self- deceptive
  • Steward of Olivia
  • Secretly loves Olivia and changes aspects about himself to get her to notice his devotion for her
  • Olivia begins to believe that Malvolio is going crazy
  • Received a letter from Olivia only to later find out it was from Maria


  • Deceptive
  • A clown
  • Offers a lot of comic relief
  • Very outspoken

Sir Toby Belch

  • Olivia's uncle
  • Deceptive words/language
  • He's a drunk
  • Instead of giving Olivia the letter he tells her about the duel

Sir Andrew & Maria

• Sir Andrew is a friend of Sir Toby's

• Maria is a servant to Countess Olivia

• The two of them work with Sir Toby to trick Malvolio into thinking Olivia liked him

• Maria uses deceptive language when she forges the letter from "Olivia" to Malvolio

• Sir Andrew and Maria deceive Malvolio as revenge for his mistreatment towards them

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